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FloSpace FloPrompter Professional 3.0

FloPrompter Professional - Eloquence FlowsFloPrompter is the...

FloPrompter Professional - Eloquence FlowsFloPrompter is the most innovative PC-based teleprompter solution on the market! Compose your teleprompter scripts with the full range of rich text styles, multiple broadcast segments (scripts) per file, and extensive user customization including background colors and themes.

Smooth scrolling in the teleprompter window. Import and export to and from Microsoft Word, HTML, and many other formats. FloPrompter Professional also includes a spell checker and thesaurus.

With the press of the Play button, you can launch the teleprompter window. Set up the scrolling speed, text zoom level, and then press the Play button to start the action!

The Professional edition includes support for mirrored text, support for multiple monitors using Talent Windows and an easy to use separate Control Pad window.

Control the Teleprompter RemotelyFloPrompter Professional supports remote controls! See the FloSpace web site for a list of recommended wireless presenters and programmable foot switches.

Who Uses FloPrompter? FloPrompter Professional is used by a growing number of media production specialists in studios around the world. Customers include studios that make short and feature films, documentaries, commercials, multi-lingual audio dubbing, and for professional speaking engagements.

Whether the destination is YouTube, the multiplex or anywhere in between, FloPrompter Professional helps customers deliver a better quality product.

Need a More Affordable Teleprompter Solution? FloSpace delivers excellent value with FloPrompter Standard, the software version targeted for everyday usage.

FloPrompter Standard offers a fantastic teleprompting experience, minus the advanced features such as mirrored text and multiple monitor support.

Visit the FloSpace web site to compare the Standard and Professional editions and see the full list of feature differences. Education DiscountsFloSpace offers significant discounts for students and staff at schools, colleges, and universities.

FloSpace FloPrompter Professional


FloSpace FloPrompter Professional 3.0